Thursday, April 29, 2010

Healing Others

“Hurt people hurt others, but healed people heal others.”

This phrase left an indelible mark on my life. I had just come back from a personal retreat, one that was recommended by my Pastors Bray and Diane Sibley. He and his wife told me, “Take time away without the children and allow the Lord to bring closure, and healing in areas that you have not exposed to Him yet.” I thought, “Okay what do I have to lose?” I went up to Shreveport, LA to spend time with my spiritual big brother and sister, Pastors Denny and DeAnza Duron. It was a five hour trip, and I’m not much for road trips. I listened to audio books; I brought journals Roosevelt had left behind; and plenty of photo albums. I did not know just what to expect, but I knew I needed to do this. I was amazed at what would become of this time. For days I cried, I wept, I prayed, I listened to new praise and worship (Anthony Evans). Something was happening on the inside of me. A transformation took place. It finally dawned on me that I went back to the place where I was married, and I first started my ministry life with Rho. God visited my pain and healed me. Yes! I left that place healed.

While I was there, Pastor Robert Morris (Gateway Church Southlake, TX) preached at a conference Denny hosted. He talked about, “The Blessed Life”. It was at that altar that I received two impartations. I received the gift of giving, and the gift of healing. These strictly belong to God, but he has imparted them to me. All I could do was retreat back to the hotel and spend time in His presence. On my road trip back I listened to Pastor Joel Olsteen’s audio book It’s Your Time. Only God could set me up for such a great miracle.

My children, Trinity Joy and Israel David are doing remarkable. I don’t assume that; we talk, talk, and talk some more about it. They will be traveling with me on Mother’s Day as we preach in Winston Salem First A/G under the leadership of Dr. Mike and Darla Rakes. I will have two weeks and then turn around to be part of a large youth conference in Alberta, Canada with Mike Love.

My assignment is simple. It is to always bring healing to others; through the magnificent way my Savior has brought healing to me. So many of us carry sickness, emotional wounds, and pain, this is not what God intended. He desires above all that we would prosper and be in health! (3 John 1:2)


Pthirtyone is my ministry name as I travel once or twice a month. I would love to connect with you as we complete this website by June. I am on facebook, twitter and have email. The adventure is just beginning. I love you!

Your friend and sis,



  1. Ei...way to go Big Sis! Sending tons of love you guys, our extended family!

  2. eileen, how beautiful that you can appreciate your own journey and still welcome others along with you on the path of healing and new discovery. i think of you often and miss our chats! you have always had the gift of healing souls - now it is a call.

    love you sis

    ps - when i looked at your blog i realized that we use the same 'look'! not surprised my soul sister! =}

  3. Eileen,
    I grew up in Covington, La. and currently live in Winston-Salem NC...I got to hear you last Sunday on Mothers Day-- our family attends W-S First!
    Small world...what an incredible service, Gods presence was so strong and your testimony coupled with the video honoring your husband was simply amazing! I have dear friends who still live in particular family are the Rogers(Wayne and Margaret). Wayne is on staff at Trinity Church and their children attend Northlake Christian. I absolutely loved growing up in Covington and cannot think of a better place to raise children! Being raised Catholic I did not get saved until the age of 27 but one of the first messages the Lord gave me was A hurting heart will continue to hurt and hurt others but a healed heart-- is Jesus hand extended! Their is an incredible retreat center near Laurel Mississippi called Waukaway Springs and a camp for hurting children will host its 21st camp next month. Also, my spiritual Mama lives in Laurel and she is currently 68 yrs. old but was one of the 1st women ordained by the Assemblies of God after tragedy struck her life... leaving her widowed at the young age of 30 with two small children 9 and 5. She has the same call and heart as yours....hope our paths cross again for you are precious!

  4. Eileen, that was such a powerful blog. I'm glad to hear that God healed you. Keep the faith, and in Roosevelt's words, "You go girl."

    Love in Christ,

    Evan and Lindsay