Sunday, October 18, 2009

Guest Speaker: Roosevelt Hunter...oopse...Eileen Hunter

A sweet friend and musical artist, Vicki Yohe, asked me to take a little time off and travel with her on some concert tours and ministry dates. I was overjoyed at the fact that I could go and breakout of my normal routine. Although she offered, I certainly was not able to go to all the dates; due to my commitment at home. I prayed and asked God to go to one event. I was compelled to travel with her on October 6th to a conference for pastors and leaders in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I knew the pastor's that were hosting the conference and thought it would be a nice but quick break.

When I arrived to the campus, Bishop Schatzline kindly invited me to share that evening after the concert. He said, "The Pastor scheduled to come was detained and could not make his air flight in". My heart racing... I said "Yes!" I only had a couple of hours to get ready and be there. As we got in the car, the pastors said, "I'm sure you knew the conference you'll be speaking at tonight, Roosevelt was scheduled to speak and open the conference. And the speaker that was detained tonight was his replacement". In awe, I shouted "What?! Really?! This is why I was to come here!"

As I got up to share with these wonderful leaders, I shared my journey. God used it and we spent several hours at the alters. God was transforming hearts and changing lives. My journey is starting to make sense now.

This month I will be traveling to Toronto, Canada speaking, praying and asking God to touch hundreds of ladies as they watch their Heavenly Father transform them as He has done so faithfully for me!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today marks exactly two months since my beloved slipped into eternity. Intentionally this was a very busy day for me so that I could just float through without much thought. It seems that the shock is wearing off and I am opening new doors that were slammed shut. Every 10th of the month, the children and I do a memorial to honor their father. As we began watching a DVD, Trinity was flooded with memories. It just hit her once again that Daddy would not be back, "to tuck her in, pray the Our Father, and most importantly no more snuggle times in bed". The weight of that became unbearable. She reminded me of the time she broke her arm in a discovery zone play area and how Dad picked her up and brought her to two emergency hospitals because the first one was not satisfactory. "She said Mom, the last time I held his hand was in Mexico I didn't know it would be over after that". The weight of that caused her to respond with such difficulty. All I could do was hug her in hopes that she could remember how it feels to be embraced by him. I held her till we prayed and she fell asleep.

Israel said, mom it's taking such a long time for God to let us see dad, "I wish I could just die and go to heaven". We began to talk and he understood that God did not leave us here because He wants to punish us. We have a purpose and we must stay on earth till He decides. We have a wonderful call on our lives and we must finish our task, just like Dad.

There was a sudden calm in the midst of our chaos. It's not always perfect in The Hunter Home, but it is always peaceful.
Thank you for the continual prayers. We need them!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Red Balloon from Heaven

This morning I decided to step out for a drive and get some much needed coffee. It initially fuels me as I spend time with my heavenly father then try to conquer my daily to do list. Upon my return home this morinig, I noticed a red balloon hidden in the floor board of my car (the back pasenger's seat). It was full of air, but no helium as if it was supposed to stay grounded. I was flabergasted. Where did it come from? I later asked my family but no one could tell me of its origin. I thought it would be good to just send it up to Roosevelt, but when I released it it came right back to me.
I came inside and read a card that shared how Roosevelt was telling so many people in heaven about me including God. It was the first time in a long while, but I decided to cry on the corner of my desk knowing that Roosevelt would have shared wonderful stories about our love for each other.
Then it dawned on me that this red balloon was from God. He loving reminded me how he would watch over me and the kids. We had every reason to celebrate not only Rho's life, but our lives too. How I feel God with me. God.