Saturday, September 26, 2009


It has now been over one month since Roosevelt's departure and so much has happened since then.

Let me begin, by asking you to receive my sincerest THANK YOU, to all those who have interceded daily, written letters, texted kind words, blogged, twittered, made phone calls, and sent us generous gifts. All that you have done for us has served to boost our spirits, and keep our family moving forward. Through you, the floodgates of Heaven have remained open, and the Lord has given us sufficient grace as we forge forward towards uncharted territory.

People often ask me how I am doing. There are times I honestly do not give myself the luxury of answering that question. There have been days when we have needed supernatural intervention; in those moments we have had to shut everything down in order to hear and received from God alone. He has done great things for me that I wish to impart.

One of the greatest challenges I ever had to do; was to tell my 7 year old daughter Trinity, and my 4 year old son Israel, that Roosevelt, their father had died. The news was shattering enough, but God had gone before us to supernaturally provide answers to my children. I wanted to share some experiences that happened to me in order to reinforce God's love in our lives.

That night after Roosevelt's death, I returned physically and emotionally exhausted to the hotel room where my children slept. The Holy Spirit woke Israel up during the night and gave him three visitations. His first vision of Roosevelt was an in depth description of a beautiful butterfly fading away into heaven. The second vision was a meticulous story of daddy's disappearance; and then the last vision was a vivid description of Roosevelt's journey through life which concluded with Roosevelt crying out for God to take him away. Each vision was given with such great detail and clarity. It did not stop there! As the sun rose early that morning, my precious little preschooler held my face and told me daddy loved me and continued to be in my heart. What was mind boggling was that I had not yet told my children about their father's passing.

Days later, after arriving to the United States and back to or home in Louisiana, I was ready to share with my children about Roosevelt's departure. Trinity opened the conversation with something God had shown her. She had a visitation the night before about dad's complete healing. She clearly saw him in a dream, healthy, whole, and out of the hospital. This opened the door for me to tell them what had actually happened. When she heard the news, she screamed, then cried, and then she said, "this is the best day of my life". It shocked me!

I recalled that 2 months prior to our trip to Mexico, Roosevelt had a talk with the children. He told them that there may come a time when he would hand deliver some balloons to his mother, Grandma Hunter. Mother Hunter had died on September 17, 2007. He spoke to them about having a big celebration in Heaven and that the party may be so inviting that he might just need to stay there. Trinity and Israel understood and they pleaded with him not to go. He then took a moment to explain the beauty of Heaven; and how once you see it, you would rather be there than anywhere else.

One morning I took time to recall daddy's story and share the news with the children, I had purchased 3 red balloons for dad and 1 purple balloon for grandma. I took the children to a certain location and we all wrote messages on the balloons; we had prayed together, then released them. Unfortunately, the wind was blowing contrary. Just then Israel prayed with so much boldness; asking God to send a great big wind to lift these balloons up to daddy toward Heaven. When our balloons were first released they actually dipped down in the opposite direction. In that moment, I felt the need to cover for God, just in case these half filled latex balloons did not take off. The Lord came through for us. Suddenly a great big gust of wind swept the balloons up into the heavens; and out of plain sight. With their disappearance we danced, shouted and rejoiced over Dad's Victory Party.

Roosevelt would often quote, "Any life considered worth living is lived to the fullest." My husband sowed his life to this generation. He truly emptied himself and poured the love of God to all who came in contact with him. Roosevelt's life has gone up as a memorial; but I still found myself seeking the Lord for answers. What's next for me? I too have made a convenient with you, Lord. God clearly showed me that I was to "live life on purpose".

The reason I remain here is because there is a plan, and an assignment for me yet to fulfill. As I continue to journey through my grief, I am compelled to write, travel, and be a voice of God's love to others. NuNation, a ministry to train and equip others, is no longer a dream but now becoming a reality. In October I will have updated news regarding all that will be happening and how you can be a part of it.

This would not be possible without your love and prayers. I have a marathon to run before me, but my eyes are fixed on the prize, the Lord Jesus Christ. I desire to broadcast a ministry to women and single parents. I will continue to make available Roosevelt's timeless messages, and also a message I preached the day after his funeral called "The Assignment". Look for these in October 2009.

Life is only worth living to the fullest! I anticipate great miracles in the days ahead, and I am glad to have you run with me, as I remain single minded for Christ. I love you!

Your sister and friend,
Eileen Hunter