Saturday, January 2, 2010


As time passes, it may seem like great possibilities can too! I am inspired by the life of our Patriarch of faith, Abraham. He was called to change when circumstances were inconvenient (Genesis 12). He had to come out from his family and cultural mindsets in order to pursue God’s purpose. Abraham and Sarah were well up in years and perhaps looking to enjoy the things most people their age do, and yet they did not settle for mediocrity but took the opportunity to be great!

After sixteen years of living with a world class leader like my late husband, Roosevelt; I am forced to face my future. No longer just a home maker, I am now entering a new season as a single mom and the sole provider for my household. Many times I am uncertain and feel the pressure to sit back, and give up. God continues to graciously call me to step into greatness by humbling myself and putting all my confidence in His leading. These circumstances have caused me to trust God with every decision (Proverbs 3:5,6). I am leaving old mindsets in order to embrace this new adventure ahead of me. I owe it to myself, my children, my generation, and most of all to my Heavenly Father to refuse to settle for almost or halfway there.

As I push past my pain and finish my book, I feel the need to travel and encourage others. My story is one that will encourage the body to a closer walk with Christ. I continue to speak and minister weekly to the underprivileged youth of America through NuNation. Your prayers and financial support will propel me to move forward as I endeavor to pursue God’s plan for Eileen and the Hunter household.

May God’s greatness be reflected through my pledge to make a difference with my life (Psalm 31:19). It’s not too late to be great.