Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Roosevelt's Birthday

"Alive at 45!" was the theme of our last birthday celebration with Roosevelt. I wondered how I would manage through this birthday without him? It started out overwhelming and frustrating. Why did I have to face such a day? Haven't I endured enough? Everybody told me that this first year would be difficult. I know I could have allowed my mind to wonder about my great loss, to meditate on how drastic my life has changed not only for me, but for our kids.

God went above and beyond to extend his love that day. Many of you texted me reminding me that I would not face the day alone. On his birthday, I was able to find a buyer for Roosevelt's car which I had been trying to sell for 3 months now. As I was driving with my sister in New Orleans that evening, I looked up and saw that I was stopped at a street called Roosevelt. I could sense Rho with me. A day that could have been so challenging for me was conquered. That evening I found myself dancing and praising God for what he had miraculously done.

Now as I am going into the Christmas holidays and I am reminded that although the enemy will plot to rule my unstable emotions, and take my comfort and joy....The Grinch cannot steal my Christmas! As I cherish the gift of having Roosevelt for the past 16years, I can truly say It's a Wonderful life!