Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Red Balloon from Heaven

This morning I decided to step out for a drive and get some much needed coffee. It initially fuels me as I spend time with my heavenly father then try to conquer my daily to do list. Upon my return home this morinig, I noticed a red balloon hidden in the floor board of my car (the back pasenger's seat). It was full of air, but no helium as if it was supposed to stay grounded. I was flabergasted. Where did it come from? I later asked my family but no one could tell me of its origin. I thought it would be good to just send it up to Roosevelt, but when I released it it came right back to me.
I came inside and read a card that shared how Roosevelt was telling so many people in heaven about me including God. It was the first time in a long while, but I decided to cry on the corner of my desk knowing that Roosevelt would have shared wonderful stories about our love for each other.
Then it dawned on me that this red balloon was from God. He loving reminded me how he would watch over me and the kids. We had every reason to celebrate not only Rho's life, but our lives too. How I feel God with me. God.

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