Thursday, November 11, 2010


My circumstances kept trying to chain me down and offer limitations that were so easy to give in to. When I wanted to give up, that’s when God told me to give more! I felt that, “single mom” and “widow” were labels that described the experience of my tragic situation. It left me feeling confined to what I had no control of, my circumstances.

Life is a trip and I’m not at the end of my journey yet! I resolved to live a life God intended for me; I discovered God’s direction for Eileen. It’s my decisions, not my conditions that determine the quality of my life! In that moment, I went from surviving to thriving.

Next thing I knew, I was ministering with my sweet friends, Pastors Rich and Robyn Wilkerson, at their 2010 Women’s Conference in Miami, FL. Three weeks later, upon the invitation of Pastor Mike and Donna Love, I packed my bags to a land I had never traveled before.

Malawi, Africa, one of the poorest countries in the world, left anindelible mark that enriched my life forever. Immersed in this life giving culture for me was absolutely life changing! Daily I had the opportunity to give God’s love away to the orphans, the beggars, and the villagers. Everyday I would preach open air in the business district where the working class would forgo their lunch and feed on God’s daily bread. Workers that represented the entire country would leave the comforts of their office, and bake in the heat of the noonday sun, as they filled the vacant chairs on the cobblestone streets. It was there that a T.V. broadcast producer heard me preach the Good News and asked me to tape two live devotional sessions to air all over the country. In the evenings, I attended the conference where I had the privilege to encourage the women and challenge the youth.

I encountered many divine appointments, that it was quite overwhelming to process it all. There was never a dull moment! I was certainly stretched out of my comfort zone but the results were all worth it! Before I knew it, I was flying back across the Atlantic Ocean transformed by my unforgettable adventures.

“The Tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it” – Anonymous

Roosevelt lived this kind of life and he lived it to the fullest. How can I live any other way? Many of you have graciously asked what I am doing and if I am ok. I can certainly tell you I have fully embraced my call to preach, teach,encourage, and equip the body of Christ.

Yes! I am on the evangelistic field full time. I did not say all the time! I am a fulltime mother of two brilliant superstars, Trinityand Israel. Although they are my priority, I must obey my heavenly call first.

In this new year, as you coordinate events to bless your congregations, to celebrate women, and disciple young people; please remember me. I would like to come and share God’s great message of hope. It would be an honor to serve you and God’s Kingdom in this way. I am limited on how many times I can go, but I do know for such a time as this, God has commissioned me to make a difference with my voice to this generation.

God’s Servant and Your Friend,

Eileen Hunter

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  1. I'm so glad to know that you going strong and thriving not just surviving. I hope that sometime you can come to First Assembly of God in Fort Wayne Indiana. I miss so much that I'll never hear Roosevelt preach again or get to talk with him. It would be so wonderful to have you come. Pastor Ron told me after Roosevelt went to heaven that you wanted to come sometime and minister. Thank you so much for this blog, it's go very good to know that your ministry is still going strong and that despite everything it is well with your soul.